Why your rug is ruining your life

Checkerboard flooring from Checkerboards has long been a staple of modern living, but for some it has taken on a life of its own.

The brand has found success with its linoleums and now, the brand is launching a line of flooring that features more color, texture and natural finish.

Checkerboards recently released their new line of linolems in two colors.

It has come a long way since they first started using color, but it’s still hard to get a color like this in the United States.

While it may seem like a little too bright for some, it’s actually quite a good match to your home’s natural color.

I have found that if you get a soft, medium or dark gray, it will help you look more natural and will help keep your rug looking fresh.

The linolem is also a great option for those who want to give it a more natural finish and have a lighter color for an even more natural feel.

Checkers linoleam has a natural, soft feel that is not overly warm or hard, and it has a unique texture.

It will feel like a nice, light weight rug for your home.

It is a little difficult to get color on these linoleoms, but they look good and feel great when applied to a rug.

Check out the full range of checkerboards linolees below and let us know what you think of the new linoleom range in the comments section.