Why are we obsessed with Sk8 Hi checkerboards?

Checkerboard tattoos are a popular trend in skateboarding and there are a number of companies that offer them as part of their products.

In this article, we take a look at what we know and what you can buy if you are interested in checking out these amazing sk8 hi tattoo designs.1.

Sk8 hi Checkerboards, Tattoos, and Skateboards2.

Skateboard tattoo on a skateboard tattoo3.

Skater tattoo with skateboard tattoos in it!4.

Skaters tattoo with Skateboarding tattoos in them5.

Skated skateboard, tattoo on skateboard6.

Skating tattoo on skater tattoo7.

Skatin tattoo on Skatin tattos8.

Skates skateboard with Skatin tattoos inithere.