Which team is the worst for turnovers?

There are plenty of ways to look at the statistics on turnovers.

It could be the number of turnovers per game, or how many players are on the court.

If you’re going by total turnovers, it could be how many points, assists and steals are on each player.

Or, it can be the total number of points scored, turnovers and assists.

There are some things that just aren’t available in the stats that we have.

For instance, how many turnovers per 100 possessions?

There are only a handful of stats that track turnovers per possession.

There are also stats that don’t take into account turnovers in other areas, like field goals and free throws.

It’s important to understand that while there are some numbers that are just a bit off, the data points to a team’s performance being significantly better or worse when turnovers are a bigger part of the equation.

We’ve also learned that turnovers are more of a function of who is on the floor and how many people are on it.

A team that’s on the road is more likely to have fewer turnovers when it has fewer people on the bench.

A player with more assists will likely have fewer steals when the ball is in his hands.

And so on.

When we take a look at how teams perform in all categories, turnovers are not a huge factor.

But it’s certainly a significant one.

It is something that should be kept in mind when analyzing teams.