Which players were the most likely to leave for greener pastures?

When it comes to NFL stars, the biggest decisions on where they will play for new teams often come down to who has the most money to splash on their future.

There is no such thing as a superstar, as far as it goes, and the players who are most likely go to be on the other side of the spectrum from the superstar, and they aren’t necessarily the ones who are considered the best.

There are also players who have an enormous amount of money and don’t need to prove their worth, and then there are the guys who are on the bottom of the pile, but have a proven track record of success.

The most common name in that last category is Aaron Rodgers, who will turn 31 in June.

While his agent has repeatedly said he’s not interested in making any further offers to his client, he did say on Thursday that the Packers are prepared to make a deal to bring him back.

“He’s been a great player, he’s been great for us, he was great in this league, and he’s in a position to play here, too,” Rodgers said on NFL Network’s “NFL Total Access.”

“He’ll get a chance to prove himself, and I’m confident that he’ll play in this building, and we’ll be there.”

He continued: “I’m ready to give him another shot, and to do what he does best.

We’re all ready to go.”

As a franchise, Rodgers is the most popular player in the NFL, with a fan base that’s made a point to show their support for him.

This year, he will be the only player in NFL history to be voted to his first Super Bowl title.

Rodgers has made it clear that he wants to win a ring, but he also knows he will never have the luxury of signing with a team that doesn’t want to take a chance on him.

That’s why he wants a team where he can prove himself.

The Packers have made it known that they will not do that.

The team has said that it would like to have him back next year, but the franchise is also looking at other options, including another Super Bowl, a championship with the Indianapolis Colts, and maybe a deal with the Atlanta Falcons.

The Falcons and the Colts have been linked to Rodgers as well, though it’s still not clear whether Rodgers would be willing to sign with the Packers.

There’s no reason for the Packers to think they can’t work out a deal that will give him a chance.

If they can find a deal, the Packers will be back in a Super Bowl with Rodgers, and that would be the icing on the cake for any fan base.

The rest of the offseason has been a mystery, but with so much work to be done, it’s easy to forget about the free agency period.

With the first-round pick that the Falcons gave up in a trade with the Miami Dolphins, they are likely to move on from their top free agents, and Rodgers may be the player who will fill the void left by the departure of Jordy Nelson.

There has also been speculation that the Steelers could also look to get rid of their aging star, but that could be too optimistic.

They’ve been rebuilding their roster for years, and a team like the Steelers would probably want to keep their best players to make sure they don’t lose too many of them in free agency.

While the Packers aren’t ready to make any deals right now, it seems unlikely that they would be too far down the road from making one at the moment.

They will certainly be busy this offseason, and this would be their best chance to find a way to make some kind of splash on the free agent market.

There aren’t many free agents who can match up against Rodgers, but if he is the best player in football in the next few years, the rest of his contract will be a cakewalk.

It won’t be cheap, and it will probably never be easy to sign him, but it’s not unreasonable for him to be happy with what he has already done for the team.

If he can make a lasting impression with the team, and if he can help them win a championship, then he will likely get his wish.

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