Which NFL teams are hot?

The NFL is not the only major league sport that has been caught up in a sex scandal.

Take the MLB, where an investigation into allegations that MLB players were involved in a prostitution ring in 2010 is still ongoing.

“We will take all allegations seriously and will pursue the appropriate remedies,” MLB said in a statement Friday, when the investigation was first announced.

MLB did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The MLB Players Association said it has not seen the allegations, which were first reported by TMZ Sports.

Players’ union president Joe Torre told reporters at a news conference Friday that he was unaware of the allegations before the allegations surfaced in the media.

The investigation is being conducted by a separate group led by MLB vice president of corporate affairs Jeff Miller, according to MLB.

The investigation will be overseen by Miller and his team.

“This is a very serious matter,” Torre said.

“I know this has been going on for a while, but I do not know about this until this report comes out.

That’s why I’ve been very clear about it. “

It’s very important for me to be clear about this, that the union has no involvement in the investigation.

That’s why I’ve been very clear about it.

We’re not involved.

We are just in the process of looking into it.”

Torre also said that MLB’s “ownership is 100 percent committed to the players and to their welfare.

We have no comment at this time.”

The investigation comes as players continue to come forward with allegations of workplace discrimination and sexual harassment.

Last month, the Associated Press revealed that three former MLB players had filed a lawsuit against the league alleging sexual harassment, assault and other misconduct.

They accused the league of failing to protect them from being sexually harassed and that it had not acted on complaints from former players.

The Associated Press reported Friday that the women said the league did not do enough to protect players against harassment.

The women allege that MLB did nothing to stop the alleged abuse.

A group of former players, who also went on to join the NFL, has filed a separate lawsuit against MLB in Los Angeles, alleging the league violated their rights.

In that lawsuit, the women allege they were discriminated against because of their gender and that the league failed to protect former players from harassment.MLB also said in its statement that it was cooperating with MLB’s investigation.

“As the investigation continues, we will take every allegation seriously and take all necessary actions,” the statement said.