When you are not on your computer, check out these great apps and games

I’ve written for the Huffington Post about the best and worst apps and gaming consoles for the iPhone and Android.

If you haven’t tried a gaming console in a while, check it out.

These games can take hours to play and it’s easy to forget that your game is still playing when you’re done.

For the first time in a long time, you can take your game to the next level and make it playable while you’re in the shower.

These are just a few of the games and apps you’ll want to check out.

I’ll also explain how to set up the best settings for your new game.

I promise, this guide will help you create a game or app that’s ready to play on your new iPhone or Android device.

The list of best and worse gaming consoles to use:Best and worst iPhone and iPod touch games to useWhen you’re out and about in the world of gaming, you need a game that can take you back to those old school games and memories.

Here’s my list of the best iPhone and iPad games that you can use while on the go.1.

Angry Birds Wild World1.

I’m a Geek 1.

The Journey of the Cursed King2.

Angry Bird 2: The Adventure Begins3.

Angrybirds: Quest for Power4.

AngryBird 2: Ultimate Edition5.

Angrybird 2: Puzzle Pieces6.

Angrybears Wild World: Battle For Bakersfield7.

AngryBears Wild West: The Adventures of Angry Birds8.

Angry Bears Wildworld: The Game of the Century9.

Angrybear: The Movie10.

Angrybeard: The Animated Series11.

AngryBob: The Complete Adventures of a Bob!12.

AngryMiles: The Lost Adventures of Miles, the Moustachioed Bob!13.

AngryNick: The Mighty Nick14.

AngrySquid: The Quest for the Legendary Squid15.

AngryFish: The Ultimate Fishing Adventure16.

AngryMario Kart: Super Circuit17.


Mario: The Legend of the Mario Bros.18.

AngryPong: Mario Golf: The Masters of the Universe19.

AngryDuckTales: The Duck Tales20.

AngryEscape from Mars: The Search for Atlantis21.

AngryChibiRobo: The Chase for the Golden Microphone22.

AngryFrogger: The Video Game23.

AngryGolf: The Masterpiece Golf Series24.

AngryX-Men: The Last Stand25.

AngryRobo-Cop: The Terminator Chronicles26.

AngryThe Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past27.

AngryLone Wolf: The New Adventures28.

AngryPacman 3: Battle of the Super PacMan 29.

AngryHotel Transylvania 30.

AngryBlazBlue: Chrono Cross 31.

AngryNinja Gaiden 3: The Phantom Hourglass32.

AngrySonic Generations 33.

AngryStar Trek: Nemesis 34.

AngrySuper Mario Galaxy 35.

AngryMarvel Super Heroes 36.

AngryCoconut Wars 37.

AngryDragonball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi III 38.

AngryCall of Duty: Black Ops 3 39.

AngryMass Effect: Andromeda 40.

AngryWii Sports World 41.

AngryTetris World: Masterpieces 42.

AngryCastlevania: Lords of Shadow 43.

AngryKiller Instinct 44.

AngryHorse Hunters 45.

AngryMega Man 2: Rise of Mega Man 46.

AngryRockman Legacy: The Arcade Collection 47.

AngryRidge Racer 48.

AngryShrek: Double Trouble 49.

AngrySpore 50.

AngryBattlefield 4 51.

AngryMinecraft 52.

AngryWorld of Warcraft: Legion 53.

AngryRocket League 54.

AngryFirewatch 55.

AngryMetal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes 56.

AngryGrand Theft Auto IV 57.

AngryStreet Fighter II: The World Warrior 58.

AngryDisney Infinity: The Force Unleashed 59.

AngryJoust 60.

AngrySpaceChem: The Revenge of the Protagonists 61.

AngrySkylanders: Swap Force 62.

AngryFallout: New Vegas 63.

AngryGhostbusters: The Videogame 64.

AngryAstroBlaster X: Supernova 65.

AngryPokemon Go 66.

AngryMagic: The Gathering: The Awakening 67.

AngryResident Evil 7 68.

AngryMonster Hunter Tri 69.

AngryYakuza 5 70.

AngryDead or Alive: The First Gigas 71.

AngryNBA 2K17 72.

AngryUncharted 3: Drake’s Fortune 73.

AngryZombiU 74.

AngryPlayStation VR: The Beginning 75.

AngrySimCity 76.

AngryFinal Fantasy XV 77.

AngryAlien Swarm 78.

AngryBatman Arkham VR 79.

AngryBorderlands 2 80.

AngryWarframe 81.

AngrySurvival Horror: Survivor 2 82.

AngryPokémon X & Y 83.

AngryAltered Beast 84.

AngryGame of Thrones: