When will you tell me your next meal?

A reader writes in to ask, “So what are you going to do when you can’t decide what to eat for lunch?

Like, how will you choose between eating a bowl of rice and a bowl full of broccoli?”

And I thought I would do my best to answer that question.

In this case, my answer is to say, “I’m going to go to my favorite local deli.

I’m going have my broccoli, and I’m gonna eat it.”

The first thing that I want to do is pick up a plate.

I have a huge plate of broccoli that I’m about to slice into little squares, but then I’ll want to have a bite to eat it all.

This way, I can have an idea of what to expect.

I’ll have the salad and the meat and maybe some cheese or a bit of sour cream on top.

Then, once I’ve finished, I’m just going to have my salad and maybe a piece of cheese.

When I go to the deli, I’ll walk around the counter and say, Look at this.

You can pick it up, and if you have the right kind of knife, you can actually chop it up into bite-size pieces.

So it’s a great way to eat, and the delis are so great because they are so small.

When you walk in, there are all kinds of little booths, and there’s not much seating.

So if you walk up and ask for the menu, the first thing you’ll see is a huge map.

I usually have my own map on my phone, but I don’t have it on my laptop.

So I’ll grab a pen and just draw a line on the map that goes across all of the booths.

If I’m at a booth that’s already filled up, I don