When the White House Is a White House

Checkerboard van stencils are a new trend in the US.

The concept is simple, but has raised a lot of controversy in recent years.

The stenciled vehicles were designed to blend in with the background and look like they are part of a regular office.

Some people claim that they look like real buildings and are a threat to urban planning.

Checkerboards have been spotted on several other US buildings, including the Whitehouse, the US Capitol and the White Plains Police Department headquarters. 

The White House is a symbol of the United States of America.

The White House itself has a history of being a symbol for the nation.

It was named after President Abraham Lincoln, who signed the Gettysburg Address, and the US Constitution. 

In 2016, President Trump said that he was going to replace the Lincoln Memorial with a white checker board in the White Houses White House in order to bring order to the country. 

“We’re going to start with the Lincoln Park, the Lincoln Center, and Lincoln Memorial, so they can all be white checkers, and we’ll do it in the Oval Office,” Trump said in February.

In February 2017, Trump signed a memorandum in which he announced plans to remove the Lincoln and Jefferson Memorials, the White house, and other symbols of the US from the White houses grounds and White House grounds.

The order said that the US would not remove any symbols that were dedicated to the Confederate war, the Confederacy or the KKK, but that they would “remain in place for the purposes of historical research and preservation.” 

The order was met with protests by the American Civil Liberties Union, who said it was unconstitutional. 

President Trump and President Mike Pence have been criticised for their decision to remove Lincoln and other monuments from the US White House.

Trump and Pence have repeatedly said that they are not removing anything and that the monuments are only there for historical research.