What you need to know about the ‘checkerboard’ rule

In its first two seasons, the Checkerboard Rule was considered a bit of a cheat by the NBA, but in a recent report from the National Basketball Players Association (NBPA), the league has finally decided to take the rule seriously.

In a letter to the NBA Players Association, the NBPA noted that while the rule had been criticized before, the NBA is taking it seriously.

The NBPA also said that the league will look at whether or not the rule should be modified in the future.

The NBA has been using checkerboards for years, but the league did not take the change in mind as a serious attempt to stop players from dunking.

While the rule was initially implemented as a way to make sure players didn’t dribble over players who are trying to block their shot, the league later moved away from using the tactic as a result of player complaints.

After some player protests and NBA commissioner Adam Silver’s call for the rule to be changed, the rule has since become more of a focal point of the league’s officiating department, which is known as the “CBA Review Committee.”

This summer, the committee released a report that outlined the current status of the rule.

The report also showed that while some players were hesitant to dunk, the rules are not enforced in a way that discourages dunking at all.