What you need to know about carpeting and cleaning in Calgary

With temperatures soaring to the point of freezing, it’s time to look for a new carpet to help keep your home in tip-top shape.

CBC Calgary’s resident carpet expert Danielle Krum says if you’ve got a problem, you might need to look elsewhere for help.

“You can’t just say, ‘I’ve got this carpet and I’m going to go pick up the carpet and clean it.’

You’ve got to look at how the carpets are laid out and the carpentry and how the insulation is laid out,” Krum said.

And with the Calgary Flames coming to town, Krum has some tips for cleaning up after the home of yours.1.

Get rid of carpeting before the weather gets cold.

Krum recommends starting the carpet removal process early in the morning when the weather is expected to be cool.

She suggests wrapping the carpet in a sheet and putting it in a dryer to dry for 30 minutes.

Then she says you should go to the nearest carpet shop and pick up a carpet cleaner or a dry cleaner, which can be used for cleaning and cleaning after the carpet is removed.2.

Get a vacuum cleaner.

If you have a carpet that needs to be vacuumed, you can get one at a local carpet store.

Krum suggests putting the vacuum cleaner on the carpet before you remove it, so that the vacuum can work its magic.


Use a vacuum to remove carpet that is not properly insulated.

With most carpeting, there’s an insulation layer over the surface that’s made from insulation, and that insulation needs to come off before you can remove it.

When you’re cleaning, the carpet will feel sticky and hard and should be gently pulled apart.


Cleaning a carpet in an enclosed space.

For many, the smell of carpet cleaning is something that keeps them up at night.

If you don’t have access to an enclosed area to clean your carpet, Kram recommends using a vacuum, which will give you more of a chance to get a clean.


Clean carpets in your garage.

A few of us have had carpet problems in the past, and we know there are different ways to clean them.

Kram says the best way to clean carpets is to vacuum them.

She recommends using the vacuum with the vacuum cleaning attachment.


Clean carpet in your own home.

Even if you have an insulated carpet, you’ll want to do some work to get the carpet as well.

Krom says the carpet can be vacuum-sealed, and some carpets have an air-sealing feature.


Use the carpet to remove stains from carpeting.

The more carpet you have on your carpeting or any surface, the better chance you have of removing stains, Krom said.

Cleaned carpets can also be used to clean carpet tiles, kitty litter, carpet pads and other carpeting materials.8.

Clean a carpet on your kitchen countertop.

Kraus recommends cleaning carpets at the end of the day, but she does suggest getting a carpet scrubber.


Clean your carpet in the summer.

Krem says carpeting can be messy in the heat and humidity of the summer, and it can be hard to clean up when it’s raining outside.

Krup recommends using an air conditioner in the winter or in the middle of the night.10.

Clean and maintain a carpeting floor.

Krebs suggests you use a carpet mat to clean the carpeting surface.

She says if the carpet mat is damp, it can easily soak up the moisture.


Use your carpet to protect against allergens.

Krums suggests putting a piece of carpet on the floor in your kitchen so that it will not get wet during the day.

You can also put a carpet pad under the carpet so that you can easily wipe off the carpet when you come home.