What to expect when ‘Black Lives Matter’ marches on Washington?

By BRIAN K. LEEMANNAssociated PressWASHINGTON — The movement for a more equitable distribution of federal resources, and the debate over policing and civil rights in particular, is gaining momentum across the country, and it’s not just among liberals.

It’s growing as a national conversation about the future of the civil rights movement, with many progressives embracing the ideas of the Black Lives Matter movement, which is rallying people across the nation to fight for a greater share of resources to fight crime, racial injustice and inequality.

The growing momentum for a Black Lives Movement in recent years was captured in a video of President Donald Trump in February rallying black voters, who have historically supported Democrats, in the South, saying the movement for justice is what he and others in the White House believe in.

The White House, however, has tried to distance itself from the movement.

It declined to condemn Trump’s remarks.

The president has also declined to endorse the Black Leaders Fund, which has been credited with helping lead protests around the country against police brutality and mass incarceration.

Still, many Democrats and civil libertarians have been energized by the growing political and cultural momentum.

Many of them have been taking steps to make it more politically acceptable for people to advocate for more civil rights and racial justice.

Some of the most prominent voices in the Black Liberation movement are joining forces to bring the idea of a Black Rights Movement to the White Houses desk.

That includes activists from the Congressional Black Caucus and the National Action Network.

The Congressional Black Democrats have launched a group called Black Leadership Network, which aims to advance the Black Leadership movement and amplify the voices of Black Americans in politics.

The National Action network has also begun working to connect with the broader movement, including organizing protests, marches and other events around the nation.

The Black Leadership network has begun a group calling Black Leadership Initiative, which will promote Black Leaders and amplify their message of Black Lives.

In addition, some groups have launched their own Black Leadership groups, which are aimed at getting more Black people to speak out on issues such as policing, education and immigration.

The movement for racial justice and equality is growing across the political spectrum.

Here are the top 10 civil rights organizations and their stances on racial justice:1.

American Civil Liberties Union of Southern California2.

Black Lives Matters of America3.

National Black Caucus of State Legislators4.

National Coalition of Black Law Enforcement Officials5.

Black Women for Justice6.

Black Youth Project 1007.

National Association for the Advancement of Colored People8.

NAACP of the United States9.

National Council of La Raza10.

Black Legal Defense and Education Fund