The GOP’s plan to shut down the government without a vote

The House on Wednesday voted to end debate on the American Health Care Act, but with only one week to go before the deadline to raise the debt ceiling.

House Democrats, who control the chamber, argued that they had a last chance to force a vote on the bill without having to wait until the debt limit expires on Sept. 30.GOP leaders have said the measure, which they call the American Dream Act, would replace the Affordable Care Act with a new system that would cover the vast majority of Americans.

The measure passed with bipartisan support last week, but Democrats were unable to muster enough support to attach a motion to the bill for debate.

The bill was defeated last month by a vote of 240 to 190.

House Republicans are expected to use the week to unveil their legislation, which would repeal the Affordable Health Care Bill, the so-called Obamacare replacement.

They have also promised to take up a bill that would eliminate the estate tax, a tax on wealth that disproportionately affects white and wealthy Americans.