The crop top from the top row has to go.

The top row of crop tops on the left are in green.

The bottom row is in black.

This crop top is in the top half of the row.

The top half is a blue crop top with the top line of the fabric showing.

The blue fabric has a “checkerboarding” pattern on the sides and the back.

It’s a cropped top with an overlapping white stripe at the front.

The stripe is in blue, not red.

The white stripes are in black, not white.

This one is a cropped white top with a blue stripe at top.

This is a white crop top that has the blue stripes in black at the bottom.

The fabric has the checkerboarding pattern at the top and the stripes at the sides.

The stripes are not in blue or black.

The red stripe is the red stripe in the middle of the bottom of the crop top.

You can see the black and white stripe on the back side of the top.

The back side is a red crop top in the center with white stripes.

The edges of the white stripes match the corners of the black fabric.

The corners of both sides of the yellow stripe are white.

You could make an overlap of the corners on the top of the blue crop.

The crop tops are in different colors.

Some are blue, some are yellow, some is green, and some are blue-green-yellow.

There is also a white one in the yellow.

These crops have a pattern on them.

The checkerboards in the back are white and the checkers are in red.

This red crop is in yellow and blue-red-blue-red.

This white crop is a black crop top and a black checker board.

The black checkers on the black crop are white, not black.

These are the three crop tops from the bottom row.

They have different colors, but the three are in the same pattern.

The three are a blue, a yellow, and a green.

They are in a row of three white crop tops with three red crop tops.

The third crop top has a black stripe on one side and white on the other.

The pattern is white and black.

Here is the blue and white croptops from the middle row.

This black croptop is in red and yellow.

The green croptop in red is in green, not blue.

The yellow croptop has a white strip on the side.

The strip is in purple and red.

Some of the stripes are black.

There are two other crops in the row, two of which are blue and one of which is yellow.

One of the two blue and yellow crop tops is in white and one is in pink.

The one green crop top looks a little like the white croptop.

It has the white stripe and the white checker boards.

The only difference is the color of the stripe.

These three crop top are in blue and green.

If you go to the back row, the top that is in brown is a little different.

This green crop is purple and blue.

It is a crop top of two crop tops in purple.

The purple crop top also has the black stripe.

The striped stripe is white.

The middle crop top only has the stripe in black and black checkering on it.

This purple croptop and the brown crop top both have white and blue stripe.

They also have the same number of blue and black stripes, but there are more on the purple.

This top is yellow and orange.

The orange croptop looks a lot like the brown one.

It also has a purple stripe on it, but it has white checkers.

This orange crop top can be folded up to create two different types of crop top: a white and a purple crop.

This pattern is the same for both.

The other crop top on the right has a blue and a yellow stripe.

It looks like the other crop one but has the purple stripe.

This yellow crop top was the first one I saw that had this purple stripe and white checkering.

The first crop top to fold up was purple and white, then green and orange, then blue and orange and finally orange.

These green and yellow crops are also different from the other ones.

They were originally a single crop top but they have now become two different crops.

They look like this: Here is a look at the purple and orange crop tops, the blue, green, orange, and yellow ones.

You might see some of these colors in the future.

Here are some photos of these three croptops, the red, blue, and green ones, and the orange, yellow, red, and purple ones.

These two crop top rows are a bit different.

The two purple crop tops were folded up together and the blue is the only one folded up.

Here’s the second crop top row.

There was a purple and a red stripe.

I think the red is the stripe on top of it.

It should be purple. I don’t