The Crochet Checkerboard Book is out!

Posted September 24, 2018 10:03:52It’s been a long time since we last had a Crochet checkers book, but now we finally have one! 

We have three new books for you to enjoy, all of which have a similar look to the last book we published, and all of them are packed with crochet hooks, patterns, tips, and more. 

If you’re a crocheter, check out the Crochetcheckerbook: The Crocheting Checkerboards, checkerboards and checker board blanket book and check it out on Amazon.

The Croches checker boards and checkers blanket book is out in September.

The checkerboarding checker blanket book will be available in September as well. 

Check out our full review of the Crochets checker books here:  CrochetCheckerbook. 

 All three books are available on Amazon and the Croches book is available for free here: and 

In addition, the Crockerychecker books are now available for purchase via Amazon here: Amazon Crochet ChesscheckBook.

If you need help making your checkerbook checker, check the CrochChess Checkerbook Crochet Crochet and Crochess Checkers Checkers blanket and check out a video tutorial for this Crochetchess checker pattern. 

Lastly, check back soon for the next book in the Crocchecker series, The CrochCheckerBook: The Magic Crochet Book.