‘The Checkerboard Café’ at the Meridian MS is the perfect coffee shop

The checkerboards of Meridian, a former military installation, are now a popular spot for coffee shops, coffee houses and restaurants in the Meridian area of Queensland.

The Meridian Café at the corner of Meridian Road and North Avenue was created by artist Chris Kelleher who said he wanted to create a place where coffee lovers could gather.

“I wanted to make a coffee bar with a little bit of history and tradition, where the cafe itself is part of the fabric of the neighbourhood,” Mr Kelleh said.

“And that’s why we took the old military station on North Avenue and converted it into a coffee shop.”

Mr Kellehe said he thought people would be happy to sit at a coffee table and sit on a bench and eat at the café.

“People are used to coffee being served on a wooden bench in front of a table and a coffee maker in front,” Mr Hodge said.”[So] I think that was the perfect place to start.”

Mr Hodge and Mr Kellah said it would be easy to miss a cafe in the area and would make a great spot for people who were visiting.

“You’re right on the road, you can see it from the street, it’s a nice place to be,” Mr Dutton said.

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