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Checkerboard trousers, turquotes and checkerboards are among the most-popular fashion trends among men and women alike.

But what does it mean to wear them?

Is turquotas cool?

What’s in them?

How do they feel?

Here’s a look at turquos to help you understand what’s in a turquo and what they can do for you.1.

Checkers: Turquo is a type of checked shirt, usually made from a combination of cotton, wool or nylon.

Turquos have a “checker” pattern on the front.

It usually comes down the front with a slight vertical crease.

The front side is usually longer and is made of a fabric that is not often seen on check shirts.

There are three variations of turquois: the standard, a full-length, and a smaller one.

The standard turquonos are usually made in a pattern that is similar to the ones found on a check shirt, while the larger ones are often more patterned.

Check shirts can be either full- or short.

Checkers are not worn in the same way as check shirts are, but they are sometimes called “checkers” for practical reasons.

You may see them in clothing for men or women, or they can be worn with a coat.

If you are wearing a coat, checkers are worn with the collar down and the sleeve rolled up in the sleeves.

If worn with checkers, you can often see the collar of your coat coming up from the waistband, showing the collar on your chest.

Checker-type turquots are worn when you have a belt on your waist, or when you are dressed in a suit.

Turquinas are also worn with an overcoat, a loose sweater, a suit, or any other piece of clothing.2.

Check shirt: A checked shirt is a shirt with a button on the left side of the front, and sometimes on the back.

It is often made from cotton, but it can also be made from wool, nylon or a combination.

The button on this type of shirt can be up to 1 1/2 inches (5.5 centimeters) across.

There may also be a small notch in the back to make it look like a notch in your shirt.

Checking is often seen as a feminine expression and is usually done with the shirt closed.3.

Check pants: Check pants are pants that are made of cotton or wool.

They have a pattern on one side of each leg, and can also have a line or ridge on the other side.

Checked pants are usually worn with jackets or jackets with sleeves that are longer than the length of the pants.

Checkpants can be short or long, with a few different styles.

Checks are usually very basic in appearance and can have a small stripe, sometimes called a “lame stripe,” on the bottom of the back, as well as a small “b” on the inside of the knee.

Check pants are generally considered to be a bit more casual and can be made of jeans or even a jacket.

They are usually paired with a jacket, and they can also sometimes be worn under a jacket if it’s a slim fit.

Checkings are typically worn with coats or pants, with the sleeves rolled up or the front tucked in.4.

Check sweater: A sweater is usually a combination jacket with an under-arm sleeve.

It’s typically made from heavy wool or linen and usually comes in a variety of colors.

The top layer of a sweater is typically a thin, thin-woven, smooth-finished nylon.

The bottom layer is typically knit, with or without a collar.

The sweater can be very loose or fitted, with short sleeves, and is often worn with jeans or a jacket over a jacket to add a bit of character.5.

Check jacket: A check jacket is a long, light, straight-leg jacket with a wide shoulder seam.

This type of jacket has a full front and is worn with pants.

A jacket is often paired with an undershirt or jacket.

The back of a check jacket has either a slight curve, or a long notch, to show a slight bend in the sleeve, and may have a slightly longer cuff.

Check jackets often are worn over pants or a dress shirt.

Check jackets are worn in a wide range of styles, with some being more formal than others.

A check coat can be more formal or casual, and while some check jackets can be paired with trousers, other jackets can also go with jeans.6.

Check vest: A vest is a vest with a zipper on the top and bottom, a slit on the waist and a hem.

It has a slit in the front and a long hem.

The vest can be fitted and often has a pleat in the center, sometimes as a skirt.

Check vests are worn by women and men