‘Rugged’ Nike sneakers give Vans their first win since 2011

The Vans Air Jordan Vans line is still reeling from last season’s disappointing Nike Air Jordan IX.

After the Air Jordan X’s first season was cut short, Nike reworked the sneaker with the aim of reviving a classic sneaker brand.

“We’re excited to finally have another season in our history, and we can’t wait to take on our fans and give them an experience we all want to share with our fans,” said John Caputo, senior vice president of footwear at Nike.

“The shoes are all designed to be worn in a casual, casual, light-weight environment.

They’re a great fit for the lifestyle we all live in.”

The Nike Air J8 was released last November, and has remained popular.

It was the first sneaker to hit the US market with a black sole.

In addition to the Air J7, the line has also sold more than 15 million pairs of Air Jordan shoes in the US alone.

But, for many of the brand’s fans, Nike’s decision to overhaul its footwear with the new design was too much.

“If they’ve done anything wrong with the sneakers, then it should’ve been done a lot more,” said one Vans fan.

“I’ve been waiting for Nike to make something for years, and I’ve been very happy with the shoes.”

The new Vans Vans 5-3-1 Vans sneakers will be available starting in January.

Nike is offering free shipping to all US orders over $100.