Rainbow Checkerboard van: 5 colours and the ultimate womens shoe

A rainbow checkerboarding van has arrived at Melbourne’s CBD.

It is a retro design that has been developed by Melbourne’s checkerboards manufacturer, Rainbow Checkerboards, and is based on a design developed by the company in 2010.

The design is inspired by the colours and patterns of a woman’s underwear and features a wide range of colours including pink, blue, purple, grey and grey blue.

The company said the rainbow checkers are a new way to celebrate diversity in the fashion industry.

“The rainbow check is a way to connect with women through colour and we’ve found that it’s a great way to break the ice when we talk about gender equality and to show that we’re all human beings too,” said Ms Tulloch.

“Our customers are really excited about it, we’ve had loads of women who have told us how much they love it and it’s just a fun way to show them how much we respect and support women.”

The checker board vans come in a variety of colours, with a pink version for sale in Victoria.

If you are a Melbourne resident you can purchase the Rainbow Checkers for $10,500.

Ms Tulluch said the company was trying to raise awareness of women’s issues in the industry, but also to make a statement about gender equity in fashion.

She said the women’s empowerment campaign, A Better Future, was a great example of how the industry could be more inclusive.

“It was about making the brands and the brands wanted to be more involved in creating a better future for women and for men.”

I think we all have a responsibility to be aware of our surroundings, to be a little bit more aware of who we are, we need to make sure we’re doing the right things in the workplace,” she said.

A Better Future was launched in 2018 and has raised more than $2 million to support women’s workplace rights.”

Hopefully we can get people to take notice of this campaign.””

We want women to be able to go out and have a career, to have a home, to enjoy the freedoms that women enjoy in our society.”

Hopefully we can get people to take notice of this campaign.