Rainbow checker board cutting board cut from teddy bear cake

A Rainbow checkerset cutting board has been created by artist and artist and designer Jennifer Kelleher.

The artist says the teddy bears were designed as a way to encourage children to play and explore.

“The idea of being able to put something together, it’s something that really touches them and they’re a little bit sad that it’s not there anymore.

I felt like I could put something there for them to explore,” she said.”

It’s a beautiful piece, and it was an idea that I have that I thought would be really nice to have on display.”

The teddy bunnies have been sold on Etsy for $60 each.

The artist says they’re made with a mix of recycled materials and other materials to make the design feel more natural.

“There’s a lot of materials and things that are just recycled and other things that you don’t necessarily have to use anymore, and I think that’s what’s really important in this process,” she explained.

“We’re trying to capture the feeling that the teddies were made in a way that’s not like a plastic product that we see in the mall and other places.”

Kelleher says the artwork is meant to represent the natural world.

“I think that in order to do that, we need to create a space that’s more open and more natural and just in a natural state of being, and then to show that to kids that maybe they can still do it,” she added.

The artworks are on display at the Teddie and Snow Museum, on the University of Victoria campus in Victoria.