Nike checkerboarding set to go live on iOS and Android with iOS 8

Nike checkers are going to be an official part of the Apple and Android app stores.

As of today, iOS 8, iOS 9, and iOS 10 will allow users to purchase the Nike checkering sets, which are available in the Apple App Store for $12.99.

If you don’t already own a pair, check out our guide to getting a pair of Nike checkercore sneakers.

The Nike checkerbots will be available for $15.99 each in the App Store.

There are several other checkerboards, including the Nike Checkerboard and Nike Checkertown, which will cost $24.99 and $28.99 respectively.

While you can’t purchase Nike checkertown yet, the app will soon allow users who own a Nike checkERboard pair to purchase a set of Nike CheckERblocks.

The Nike Checkercore pair is also available in a limited edition, limited quantity for $35.00.

Checkerboard sets will be coming to Nike and Nike Watch stores in August, but the Nike Watch is also expected to be launching soon, with more information on the app coming soon.

For now, Nike checkerdown is only available on iOS devices, while checkerbattles are coming to Android devices later this month.

Source: TechCrunch