Man who fell from balcony to his death in Melbourne park found by police

An elderly man who fell down the balcony of a Melbourne park has been found by Melbourne Police after his remains were found.

Key points: The man, aged in his 60s, died after his body was found in a backyard in the backyard of the Old Man’s Lane Park in South Melbourne The park is open to the public until June 15 and the park manager said he would not allow it back into operation until after the holidays The park is closed from March to June due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“The man’s remains have been located by the Park and Wildlife Officer,” a park spokeswoman said in a statement.

Park Manager John Jones said he did not expect to reopen the park until after Christmas.

A man has been identified as the man who died after falling from the balcony at Old Man Street in South Victoria’s Old Man, Park manager John Jones told reporters on Monday.

He was discovered by park staff after the park was closed due to coronaviruses.

The body of the man was discovered about 2.15am (AEST) on Monday morning.

Mr Jones said there was no immediate evidence of foul play.

It was not clear what caused the man to fall to the ground.

Police were notified and the man’s body was taken to a forensic laboratory.

In a statement on Monday, Mr Jones said the park had been closed from Thursday until the end of May due to COVID-19.

This was to allow the park to reopen after the pandemic, but he said the closure was “temporary”.

“We will continue to monitor the situation with the help of our park managers and staff,” he said.

On Thursday, Mr Justice Hatton, in his decision, said it would be up to the park and wildlife officer to decide when the park would reopen.

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