Japan’s ‘Checkerboard Inn’ offers gluten-free meals with gluten-containing snacks

A new gluten-diverse restaurant in Japan has opened its doors.

The restaurant, called Checkerboard Cookies in Japanese, specializes in gluten-sensitizing cookie dishes with rice, wheat and other gluten-based foods.

The owner, Masayuki Sugiyama, opened the restaurant in January to cater to gluten-intolerant Japanese consumers.

The restaurants main customer is the gluten-sensitive population, said Sugiyamats co-owner Yasuhiro Nishimura, who is a doctor.

He said they are able to offer gluten-inclusive dishes with all types of rice, grains and gluten-rich foods that can be eaten on their gluten-friendly plates.

It also makes gluten-insensitive customers happy.

Sugiyamas family has been baking and baking for over 20 years.

“Gluten-sensitive people are in the majority and we need to cater for them, so I want to offer our customers the best possible experience,” he said.

Sugimashima said his family is very sensitive to gluten.

“My dad and mother have had serious problems for decades and have been eating gluten-intensive foods like wheat, barley and barley flour,” Sugimas son said.

“I think my mom would eat a piece of rice with wheat and barley bread.”

Sugimasu said he is not a doctor and he only began making gluten-related products when he started his business.

“It is a hobby that I can only do when I have a lot of free time and a good income,” he explained.

“People are often surprised at how gluten-conscious they are when they see me, and I have no intention of making a profit.”