I’ve been a quiltmaker for 20 years, but this year, it’s about to get a little more exciting

I’ve spent the last 20 years in quiltmaking, I’ve made lots of quilts, and this is going to be a special year. 

I’ve had many offers, but the one I’ve really been looking forward to for a long time is a big one.

In November, my family and I will be heading to South Africa to be at the first ever World Quilt Exhibition.

We will be taking the Quilt Challenge to a whole new level.

I’ve been working on the Quilts Challenge for 20-years, and it is a dream come true to be able to finally be the first quilt maker to be invited to go to South African a continent that has been a part of my life for decades.

It’s going to give me a new opportunity to try to make something that I think people would enjoy, but I also know it’s going be a very special experience.

I’ve also had a lot of other offers, which I’ve always had my eyes on, and I’m looking forward really hard to being invited.

The Quilt challenge will be a great opportunity to see some of the world’s best quilters making quilts and show them off.

The Quilt Challenges is the largest quilt competition in the world.

It takes place at the Royal National Convention Centre in Victoria, Australia, and is a chance to see the best of the best in quilting.

It’s also an opportunity to show off your quilts to a global audience.

Every year, more than 5,000 people attend the Quilters Challenge, including the world-famous Queen of Hearts and her two children, Kate and Ben.

Last year’s Quilt Challenge was held at The Royal National Convention Centre, where over 4,000 quilter’s from all over the world competed.

This year’s challenge will take place at the Royal National Convention Center in South Africa.

To be able take part, you need to be living in South African or in Australia. 

This year, we have two ways of going.

Firstly, we’ll have a limited number of people who can enter and will have to complete a quilt challenge entry form. 

Then, we will be able go online and fill in the challenge form online. If you’re a quiltsmith and you want to take part this year you can check your entry form out here and submit it online at www.quiltchallenge.org.au.

After the entry form is filled out, you will be contacted via email, and then a quiltery will be chosen for you to compete with. 

You can find more information about this year’s competition here.

When you’ve submitted your entry forms, you’ll then be contacted by a team of four professional quilmers, who will assess your submission and then decide who should go on to compete in the final stage of the competition.

All the people who have taken part this year will be asked to give a statement of their qualifications and why they are chosen to compete.

You can see the Quillters Challenge results online at  www.quiltschallenge-2016.com, and you can also check out the Quilter Challenges blog  here.

The competition is currently running, and all entries are currently being reviewed and confirmed.

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