‘It’s a long, long journey’ to see the ‘perfect’ burger

Dublin, Ireland – It’s a tough road to the top of the world’s best burger.

But with the help of a cleverly-designed checker board design, one Dubliner has achieved his dream.

Vincent Doheny has built a prototype of a burger that will go on sale in the UK later this year.

The burger, called The Checkerboard Tavern, has the look and taste of a bar food menu, but it’s not a fast food burger, with a high-protein, low-calorie menu.

It is not cheap, however, with the prototype costing more than €3,000, but Doheny said the burgers were a “perfect match” for the Dublin restaurant chain, which will launch the first version of the burger next month.

The burger is made from an edible dough, and is shaped into the shape of a chevron, with all of the toppings from the menu.

The company, known as Doheny & Sons, has designed the burger with a unique shape to help the customer find the burger.

“It’s like a very large checkerball in a box,” Doheny explained.

“The chevrons help you find the perfect burger.”

Doheny’s burger is part of a project to create a “complete” burger, that will feature all of its toppings, from cheese to bacon and other ingredients, so that the customer can choose the burger that’s best for them.

Doheny said it was important to have a burger with all the ingredients for a full meal, but he also said that if customers wanted a burger, it was necessary to be able to enjoy the meal.

“If you’re just eating a sandwich, you might want to have cheese on it, and if you’re eating a burger it’s good to have some of the ingredients on it,” he said.

Doherty said he was excited about the burger, and hopes it will be a success in the country.

“I think the UK will be really interested to see it because it’s a unique burger concept,” he added.

The Checkerboards Tavern has been built in the town of Donaghmore in County Clare, near the town hall.

It was built in order to be flexible enough to meet the needs of the local population, which is over a million people.

The local community has welcomed the burger as a “real-world example” of the concept.

“I’m sure there will be many people who will be delighted by it,” said Doheny.