How to wear a belt checker board belt

Check out these tips to help you style your belt checkier board belt.1.

Choose a good size and fit2.

Measure your belt’s width3.

Measure the belt’s height4.

Choose your belt style: Classic, Classic style, or classic style with buckle5.

Use a tie knot for fastenings, and don’t forget to use a belt buckle for fastening.6.

Wear your belt while walking.

Wear it on your belt loop to tie a knot to fasten the belt to your belt.7.

Choose an appropriate belt buckle style and style of buckle: Classic buckle with buckle, Classic buckle without buckle, or simple buckle8.

Wear the belt with a belt loop that’s comfortable for your belt length.9.

Wear an appropriate strap to secure the belt.10.

Use the buckle to fastener your belt to the belt loop.