How to spot the ‘worrying’ signs of a panic at a football match

Here’s what you need to know… 1 / 6 Here are the signs of panic at an English football match: A player suddenly stops playing and looks for a way out.

An injured player appears on the pitch and is not moving.

A player collapses, and an official stops the match.

A match has been abandoned and the game is restarted.

A player appears and walks off the pitch to the crowd in a ‘dizzy state’.

A person appears on TV, talking about an injury or illness, who then disappears.

An elderly man appears to be having a seizure, and is then taken away by paramedics.

The team scores a goal or a point, but is later found dead, with no traces of the player.

If a player disappears from the pitch, it’s because he has died of an overdose or has been admitted to hospital.

What to do if you spot a panic reaction: Do not let the panic begin.

Seek medical attention immediately.

Seek professional help if the player has a history of panic.

Take pictures, videos or other evidence of the panic and take them to police or social services.

If you suspect there is a crisis, call 999 immediately.

Get medical help for yourself or someone you know who is struggling with panic.

Be vigilant about the behaviour of other players, especially in front of other supporters, because it can indicate panic.

Don’t rush to the spot of the trouble.

Seek out other people who are in similar circumstances.