How to make a checker board dress with an old fanny-pack

A dress that lets you get dressed in a little fanny, or at least not get dressed to the point where you have to ask for your bra and underwear to be taken away, could be the ultimate solution to getting your dress into place in time for the season.

The idea is to use a small piece of fabric and a pair of scissors to cut out a strip of fabric in a certain pattern.

That strip of material can be used to create a strip that can then be pulled over the front and back of the dress to hold the bra and panties in place.

Once the dress is fitted, the fabric can then attach itself to the dress’s back to hold it in place, so that when the dress gets put on you are free to dress up or down. 

A number of dressmakers have used this method, and I think this one is the best. 

The process is simple. 

When cutting out the dress strip, the scissors are used to cut a piece of cloth into two pieces.

The first piece of the fabric is used to make the fanny. 

Then the second piece of this fabric is cut to form a strip. 

After cutting out a couple of strips of fabric, the fidgety little fabric is tied into a strip and the fabric strips can be put on.

The process is so quick that you don’t need to make any adjustments to the fabric before the dress comes on. 

I really love this technique, because it is so much easier than making a fabric fanny with a piece you can cut out and then have to fabricate yourself.

It’s also really easy to keep track of where you put the fabric, and you don.t have to worry about making mistakes when you need to fabricating. 

Once the dress arrives in the post office, it can be easily put on by cutting out two strips and then cutting a second strip to attach it to the waistband of the outfit. 

There are several other dressmakers out there who have also made the fannies, and there are even more ways to make them.

I hope you give this technique a try, and if you can get the fabric strip on the waist you will definitely love this dress.