How to get a checker board in your city

Checkerboard Tavern, the newest NYC-based location of Checkerboards, is opening in Greenwich Village in May, the company announced.

Checkerboarding Tavern, located at 938 Park Avenue, Greenwich Village, NY, will offer a menu of craft beers, and is also offering a large selection of delicious food options, including burgers and sandwiches.

Checkers is looking to expand its NYC footprint with a second location in Brooklyn.

Checkercounter is looking for a small team of chefs and a small staff to help the company expand its menu.

Checkertown will offer three beer- and wine-themed options, and will feature a cocktail menu and specialty cocktails.

Checkerboards founder, Matthew Reisman, said that the new Greenwich location is the perfect location for the company to continue expanding its NYC presence.

Checkernow is a “perfect fit” for the neighborhood and for the customers who are coming in from all over the world, he said.

Checkermaster will continue to expand into other parts of the country and other cities in the U.S., he added.