How to fix a cracked ceiling with a new, flat sheet of plywood

The ceiling on your bedroom is your ceiling.

It’s a simple piece of wood that can be used to make a bed or chair.

It may be broken down, but that doesn’t mean the ceiling is useless.

It can be a handy tool if you’re looking to fix broken ceilings and make them look fresh.

Here’s how to install a flat sheet floor and make your room look fresh again.


Find out if the ceiling has cracked 2.

Cut a hole into the ceiling to allow air to flow 3.

Drill a hole in the plywood piece 4.

Fill the hole with plaster 5.

Install the flat sheet in the middle of the room, so the ceiling can’t rise above the floor 6.

Take a peek at the finished ceiling 7.

Watch it pop up to reveal your newly created flooring!

Check out our tutorial on how to make this DIY flooring.

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