How to find the best ice cream in Melbourne’s Chinatown

Checkerboard Ice Cream has opened a new branch in Melbourne, bringing the number of locations in Melbourne to eight.

Key points:The ice cream shop is located in the former Imperial Hotel in Chinatown’s former parking lotThe shop has been in operation for the past six monthsThe ice creams are made in-house by staff from a Chinese food restaurant and have a variety of flavours.

The icecream shop is in the middle of Chinatown’s old parking lot, which is the former home of the Imperial Hotel.

Owner Andrew Chen said he had been working on opening a store for about three years and that he was happy to bring his ice cream to Melbourne.

“I’m here to take the place over from the Imperial,” Mr Chen said.

“We’ve had a great relationship with them for quite some time.”

Now it’s time to bring in a new owner, a new staff, a fresh staff and a fresh ice cream.

“Mr Chen said that he wanted to bring the ice cream from China to Melbourne and open a branch of the store to cater for Melbourne’s growing Chinese population.”

The Mandarin checkerboards around our ice cream, so it’ll be a lot easier for them to make the ice creampuff, the cream on the top,” he said.

Mr Chen says that the ice-cream is made in house by staff at a Chinese restaurant in Chinatown.”

It’s a new franchise,” he explained.”

Our ice cream is made by a Chinese chef in a Chinese kitchen.

“They cook it all themselves and they cook the whole thing, so they’re very efficient.”

So we’re not using any other ice cream maker here.

“There are no ice cream shops in Chinatown.”

He said the ice and other products that were used in the shop were sourced from Chinese restaurants.

“When you go to a Chinese ice cream restaurant, they make the whole ice cream,” he told ABC News Breakfast.

“That’s the way we make it.”

Everything is made on site, so there’s no middlemen, there’s only the people who make it.

“The ice and products that are used in a checker board shop in ChinatownThe ice is made from real fruit and ice cream ingredients.

The shop will be open from Monday until March 6.

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