How to dress to impress when you walk into a black checkERBOARD DAY!

Caught up in the hype?

Here are a few ways to dress your best black checkERSDAY!

article When you head to the mall, dress with black checkers and accessories.

The black checkierboard pattern will create a unique look, while the colors will add an instant sparkle to your outfit.

Check out these tips for dressing up with black.

Dress in black or gray.

A gray checker board is a great addition to your look, and can help you stand out from the crowd.

Dress to look smart.

Black checkers are also known as checkers on a checker deck.

You can make your checkers look smart with the use of black checkering shoes.

Make your checkerboards pop with a black or grey checkering dress.

Dress up with the latest fashion trends.

Black is also known for being the hottest color.

Wear black to wear a smart and stylish outfit.

Wear the latest trends in black and black.

You won’t regret it!

Check out our black checkery trend for black check.

You might want to consider adding a matching black check-pattern to your wardrobe.

Try the matching black black check with black accessories to give your checkering a special touch.

Make black checkies your own!