How to dress like a kid at the World’s Funniest Food Festival

You’ve been dreaming about it all year.

You’ve made the pilgrimage to the festival and you’ve been trying to do it without your family.

You can still make it, you can still go, but it’s going to take longer than you thought.

The World’s Funny Food Festival in France is one of the most popular festivals in the world, but this year the organizers have had to add some extra rules and regulations to help ensure the safety of attendees.

You’ll see the same rules for yourself this year, but here’s how to make sure you’re dressed up for the festival.

The rules are easy to understand and they can be enforced, too.

Here are the main rules to remember at the world’s funniest food festival in France.


Dress for the weather 2.

Wear the correct shoes and clothes for the season 3.

Use sunscreen 3.

Don’t be lazy with sunscreen.

It will be your body that needs it 4.

Don´t drink too much beer.

There are a lot of rules here 5.

Donât touch anything.

No touching of any kind.


Dress to impress!

No wearing of revealing clothes, no revealing clothing at all.


Don t be a total dork.


Wear a nice suit and tie.

Donôt go overboard.


Dress nice!

No shorts, no tights, no frills!


Donít be a big fan of the carnival atmosphere.

You won´t have much time to relax after the show.


Donît be an outcast.

No one wants to be a fan of someone with a bad attitude.


Don’t wear a hat, don’t be afraid of anything, don´t be shy about saying hello to anyone, and don´te be afraid to say hi to your parents, friends and family.


Donn a shirt and a jacket to avoid a messy costume.

Dona dress is the best way to show your true colors, as you can hide your body, and you will look your best!


You should wear a bright colored shirt, pants, and a scarf, as well as a black hat and glasses.

It should be a light shade of yellow.


Don`t wear makeup, even for the show, as it can make you look fake.


You will have to wait for the crowds to get moving.

It is recommended to wait until the festival is over before you start to wear your clothes, and wear sunglasses.


You must wear shoes, so don’t put your feet in the water or use a scooter.


You are allowed to wear only one piece of clothing at a time, and only if you want to wear it to the show yourself.


You may not wear a face mask.


You have to use your head at the show and not your feet.


No more than two people can wear the same hat at a festival.


You cannot wear sunglasses and you must not be seen with them.


No people over the age of 16 can attend.


No wearing masks or wearing any clothing or accessories.


No dancing.


Don�t wear any masks.


No laughing, cheering or whistling.


Don”t wear headphones, as they could disturb the other performers.


Don\’t take any photographs of the festival or other activities during the festival, as filming can get distracting.


No music or dancing, no whistling or dancing.


You donât have to stay at the festival all day.

You get a break from the crowds after the first 10 hours.


You need to dress to impress, so if you don’t, your friends will think you are crazy.


Don”t forget to buy some food, drinks and souvenirs for the guests, because that will help you to stay relaxed after the festival in the evening.


No taking selfies with your phone, as that can get annoying after the party.


No kissing or hugging during the show without permission from the host.


Don “t be stupid and be rude to your host.

You could lose your place in the crowd and be rejected.


Don”,t look like a clown.

You’re not allowed to look like one.


Don,t be loud or loud and aggressive.

Don can sound like an animal, as he can be a bit of a bully.


Don.t look as if you are about to take a picture or make a video.


Don”(t) be in a group of five or more.

You wouldn’t want to make a mess.


Don be respectful to the people you meet at the fest.

You might get teased and offended. 42. Don”.