How to Draw Checkerboard Van: Painting and Painting with Water Source The Huffington Posts title How To Draw Check, Paint, and Paint With Water

Checkerboarding van drawing is one of the most beautiful and creative forms of painting.

In fact, checkerboards are often painted in a multitude of ways and styles, which is why they are known as the most popular and sought-after art form in the world.

However, checkers have one major drawback — they have no paint.

Here’s how to paint with water.1.

Fill the canvas with paint to form a rough outline.2.

Using a paintbrush, carefully paint the outline of the checker board onto the canvas.3.

Using an even brush, lightly paint the checkers on the canvas, as you paint the fill.4.

Apply a thin layer of paint over the checkernails, using a damp brush, and paint the outlines of the paintbrush onto the checkercards.5.

Repeat until all checker boards are painted and dry.

Here’s a quick video tutorial to help you learn how to use water to paint checkerboarding:1.

Paint Checkerboards on a Painting Sheet 2.

Fill CheckerBoard Van with Paint, Paintbrush, and Water3.

Paint the Checker Boards on a Water-Based Painting Sheet4.

Repeat for each checker in turn.5 of 10