How Google’s new tile backspray could save your phone from an Android disaster

Tiles have always been a pain in the butt.

For many, the process of adding them to your device is tedious and awkward.

But Google’s latest attempt at tiles might just save your device.

The company says that it will be releasing an app called TileSaver that will let you “save tiles for use in apps, on websites, and even in the homescreen of Android devices.”

In other words, TileSavers will let users keep tiles for the apps they use.

“TileSaver will make it easier to save tiles for your apps and websites by making it possible to choose an app tile and save it as a tile,” the company says.

The tiles will be saved as “tile folders,” and Google says that tiles saved in the tiles folders will be accessible from apps on Android devices.

It’s unclear if the tiles saved from TileSaving will be automatically backed up or if users will have to manually back them up in order to back them back up.

Tiles saved from the app will not be shared with anyone.

The TileSave app is currently available for free in the Google Play store.

The app will also be compatible with Windows and Mac OS X. TileSaved will work across different versions of Android, so users can choose to back up their tiles to a different version of the OS.

It will also work on devices running older versions of Windows and OS X, although the TileSaves will be backed up to the current version of Android.

It is unknown how long this will take, or how Google plans to support older versions.

Google has previously backed up the tiles of a variety of apps to its cloud storage service.

For instance, in 2013, Google backed up some of the tiles used in Google+ to its Dropbox service.

It has also backed up a few tiles in Android to the cloud, such as the home screen of Android phones and the tile on the lockscreen of many phones.

Google does not plan to create a full backup of its own tiles, and it may not be able to do so for the time being.

“Google does not currently have a full-featured solution for saving tiles,” the TileSave app page says.

“However, in the future, Tile Saver will be able save tiles to your cloud account for easy and seamless backup.”

The Tile Saves will also have a few additional features.

For one, they will be available to everyone.

That means that if you buy a Pixel 2 XL with a TileS Saving Tile, you can still use the Tile Saving app to back it up to your Google account.