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VANES checkerboards are the perfect place to start your day, but that isn’t always the case for those living in Australia.

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The VanES Checkerboard Company in Perth is a glass checker board manufacturer that has worked with the Royal Australian Air Force for over 40 years and are also involved in glass building.

I have seen the VanES checkers for years, they are pretty popular with our local community.

“I think you could say they are the go to glass checkers,” said Mr Jankoski.

He said the glass checkerbanks were “very simple, but very effective”.

“They are great for building up a small wall that you can use for hanging your car, for a coffee table, for hanging a bed, for anything.”

Mr Janko says they also made a series of small boxes that would allow for a couple of people to stay together in a room and also store valuables.

For a quick fix, the company offers a glass stove and fridge with glass walls, which the family has used.

Mr Boulton says he has a couple more checkerboxes that he’s still working on.

It’s an incredible work, and I love that they are all finished,” he said.

VANES owner Ben Jankoz has been working on the glass checks for the last five years, but he’s also been working with the local community since he first got involved.

Ben Jankós works at the VanEs checkerboarding company, located in Perth.

After working in the glass industry for 20 years, Ben was inspired to get involved in the craft and started working with his partner, Julie Boulson, to create their first checkerbox in 2005.

They took it to the local council to get approval for it to be used as a residential home.

In 2014, the business moved to a new home in the suburb of Glenelg, which was only built in 2015.

Now, they have a new house, which is now the headquarters for the VanESA CheckerBoard Company, which has grown to include the other VanES businesses and an extensive glass building operation.

We’re very excited to be working with our friends at VanESA to give our customers a better way to have a happy life and make their home a wonderful experience for everyone, Mr Jinkoski said.”

Our customers enjoy being able to live a more productive life with their checkerbills, and our customers are happy and satisfied with the products they are using,” he added.

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