Checkerboard Cake is awesome

You’ve made a beautiful cake and you just love the idea of using your favorite buttercream to make a frosting for it.

Well now you can do that too.

A new buttercream frosting recipe on the subreddit has popped up, and it looks like the whole cake is covered in buttercream, even if you’re not the most careful baker.

The recipe calls for 3-4 ounces of buttercream per cake layer, so if you only have a 1/2 cup cake, that’s still plenty of frosting to make.

It all started with a reddit thread, and now the community has become a hub for new and innovative cake creations.

One user has a cake that has a sponge cake in it, and another has a pie-shaped cake.

Some of the community’s most prolific cake makers are using a variety of different types of butter, so they have a ton of inspiration to share with their friends.

If you’re looking for a cake to make that won’t leave you cold, you can always just make it cake-y with a frosted layer cake, but you’ll want to make sure you don’t make it too thick.

The new recipe uses 4 ounces of plain buttercream (that’s the amount you’d use to make half a cake), but it would work just fine if you used 3 ounces of it, too.

The community has even posted the frosting in an eggnog colorway, which sounds great, but it’s really just the same old cake.

If you want to try this cake out, head on over to the subreddit and see what other awesome cakes the community is sharing.

You can also follow the subreddit’s cake making progress on the new subreddit.